Importing samples... very slow, blue wheel of death, looks like a crash, but then it works eventually

Just a thing we’re all noticing here I thought I should ask about… importing a single sample into the asset bin takes a considerable amount of time. I’m not sure what is happening behind the scenes, but I have to wonder if there might be a more efficient way to process whatever is happening… as I’ve just imported 200 very short samples, and have been waiting about 20+ minutes so far for everything to settle down so I can keep working. FMOD seems to make my whole computer seize up whenever I import sounds to the asset bin. This happens no matter which machine I’m using. I can’t imagine I’m the first to encounter this, but wanted to do something productive while I’m waiting to continue working… It’s been about 30 minutes now. It usually bounces back, but it doesn’t inspire confidence the way it shakes the whole OS and looks like a crash.
Andrew =)

Thanks for the bug report!

This is a known issue. Our improvement tracker contains a task to add a progress bar to Studio, which will appear when importing assets, in order to indicate that Studio hasn’t frozen. There’s also a longer-term task to further optimize asset importing as much as possible. I’ll add your name to the list of people interested in those improvements.

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