Editor very very slow

I have just migrated my fmod project from 2.01.07 to 2.02.03 version and now the editor is very very slow. so slow that it is not possible to work. When opening the project, I must wait about ten minutes in order to have normal responsivness. Our project contains about 50000 assets. The project in 2.01.07 version had not this problem.
What background task does the editor just after the project is loaded?

Thanks for contacting us about this issue.

This is most likely a known bug introduced in FMOD Studio version 2.02.00. It occurs because FMOD Studio is performing in the background is checking for missing or corrupted assets, so the sluggishness lasts longer (and so is more noticeable) in projects that contain larger numbers of assets.

We’re currently working on a fix that we’ll release as part of an upcoming version of FMOD Studio.

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