Inquiry Regarding HIFIBERRY DAC+ DSP Compatibility

Dear Fmod Team,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is RogerXu, and I am reaching out from China. I am currently working on a project and would appreciate a moment of your time to discuss a potential solution.

I am using an Orange Pi development board to read engine RPM from a car via OBD and transfer the data to the development board. I have written a program on the board that utilizes the Fmod engine to play simulated engine sounds for different cars. However, I am facing a challenge with the inability to mount a sound card on the current development board.

Upon researching, I have identified a technical issue where Fmod requires the use of DSP modules for mixing to achieve more realistic engine sounds. I came across your product, the HIFIBERRY DAC+ DSP, on your official website, which boasts DSP capabilities and support for Raspberry Pi.

I have three questions that I hope you can assist me with:

  1. Given the description of my project, do you believe that the HIFIBERRY DAC+ DSP can effectively address my fidelity issues with engine sounds?
  2. Is it possible to extend support for the HIFIBERRY DAC+ DSP to the Orange Pi development board in addition to the Raspberry Pi?

I appreciate your time and assistance in helping me navigate this potential solution for my project. Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,


Can I get you to elaborate on what exactly your issue with FMOD is? The sound card on your development board shouldn’t have any impact on FMOD’s ability to perform digital signal processing, as long as it uses an output driver that FMOD supports. Additionally, FMOD’s DSP API is a way for users to create custom plugins that process the audio signal in an FMOD system - it is not the same as the HIFIBERRY DAC+ DSP’s, which is a hardware DSP unit.