Instance parameter not changing sound

I have an FMODStudioEventEmitter which I can Play() and Stop() on perfectly fine, but I am having difficulty adjusting the parameter at runtime.
I am calling emmiter.EventInstance.setParameterByName(“myparam”, someValue, false) and can clearly see the parameter change for the instance in the profiler when the game is running, but cannot hear the effects of the parameter changing at all, it’s a pitch shift so its quite obvious to hear the difference.
The parameter works fine in fmodstudio when authoring the event.
Is there something obvious I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Calling GetComponent<FMODUnity.StudioEventEmitter>().EventInstance.setParameterByName(); will set the parameter on a created event instance, but if you are calling Play() and Stop() on the emitter directly it will be creating new instances that won’t be affected by that code.

Instead, if you want to set parameters on the emitter before playing, you need to call SetParameter directly on the emitter (not the event instance). The emitter will cache the parameters until Play() is called.