Instrument mute button

Hello, just an idea. If it`s possible it would be nice to have a mute button for instruments.
In that way when we want to silence some instrument it could be done easily with out changing the level. Just a quick tool.


Hi Koca,

That sounds useful. In the meantime you can use scripting to mute selected instruments and assign it to a keyboard shortcut. Take a look at the follow functions for pointers in the right direction:

var instrument = studio.window.editorCurrent() // Gets the currently selected item in the editor (in this case the instrument)
instrument.volume = 0 // Set the volume of the instrument. If 0 it's at normal volume, -80 is muted
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Ok thanks. I know almost nothing about scripting but i look forward to learn.

Hello, i was trying to make this script but keep getting errors. Can you make this work for me?

/* -------------------------------------------
Mute instrument

*/{ name: “Koca\Mute instrument”,
isEnabled: function() { var instrument = studio.window.editorCurrent();
keySequence: “Alt+M”;
execute: function() {
instrument.volume = 0


When the volume property is set to 0 then it is set to 0dB, which is the default volume. It can be boosted to 10dB or it can be muted by setting it to -80dB.