Instruments vs. audio directly on track

Could someone explain to me the advantage of putting a ‘single’ instrument on an audio track, I understand the advantage of the multi instruments and some of the others, but I don’t see the purpose of a single instrument?

Your question makes sense. It seems indeed there’s nothing a single instrument can do that the multi instrument can’t.

So is it okay just to apply the audio directly to the track and not inserted into an instrument?

Maybe I didn’t correctly undestand your initial question. Applying the audio directly to the track creates a single instrument by default, isn’t it? (I’m not in front of my computer to verify, at the moment)

Sorry maybe i’m confusing you, There seems to be the option of just dragging audio onto a track, are there is the option of creating an instrument and then inserting the audio into that, So I’m just wondering what is the advantage of doing this?

When I drive the audio directly onto the track, I do not think it creates an instrument it just plays it out Like a DAW.

Drag/dropping audio in a track is exactly the same as creating a single instrument and drag/dropping audio in the instrument.

Ah OK, thanks, I suppose I am confessed as it creates this instrument container.