[iOS] change to setDSPBufferSize causing increased occurrence of 'Error initializing output device.'


Recently we have changed the DSP buffer size in an iOS application in order to reduce audio latency, but have found that the FMOD error ‘Error initializing output device.’ seems to be occurring at a much higher rate than before.

The only change we have made was to add

fmodSystem->setDSPBufferSize(256, 4);

whereas this was previously not stated (I presume therefore using the default of 1024, 4)

Is there any reason that decreasing the buffer size would cause this issue to occur at a much higher rate? (~5000% increase in rate of the issue/crash) or anything I could do to investigate further?
I’ve confirmed on all known hardware that this isn’t related to a specific device or iOS version.

Additionally is there any solution to this or steps that should be taken if the output device can’t be initialized on iOS?

The used FMOD version is 0x00010815


Are you getting any errors or warnings in the log from the device?


Unfortunately not, these are just coming in logged via analytics and not something we’ve ever reproduced.
Is there anything I could log from FMOD that could further diagnose this?


Without the logging libs it may be difficult to find out more information.
If you have any more information that comes in with that error it may help.

You could check the result of setDSPBufferSize, if it is failing there it may give some more information.