Is it possible to have an event play to the end after you've stopped it? (Triggering snapshot in event)

I have this “timeslow” event setup.

When the event is started, it triggers the “timeslow” snapshot, and plays the start of the sfx, then goes into a loop. After the loop there is an “end” to the sfx.

I’m really hoping there’s a way that when the “timeslow” event is stopped, I can get it to stop looping the middle section and continue (out of the loop) to the end of the event, before stopping.

I know how to do this with a parameter, but wondering if there is a way to achieve this without one.

Thanks so much!

Yes, this is entirely possible. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the loop region to select it.
  2. Then, in the deck, click the “Add Condition” button and select “Add Event Condition” from the menu.

This adds an “Event state: not stopping” condition to the loop region, meaning the loop region will function only while the event isn’t in the “stopping” play state. As soon as the event receives a FMOD_STUDIO_STOP_ALLOWFADEOUT command (equivalent to your pressing the “stop” button in the transport bar once) and the event enters the “stopping” state, the loop region will become inactive, allowing the playback position to escape it and trigger the final instrument in your event.

Once the playback position moves off the right edge of that final instrument and the event is no longer producing any output, the event will naturally enter the “stopped” play state.

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omg brilliant!!!