Is LoadBank synchronous in some cases and asynchronous in others?

I’m a little confused about the load bank method in RuntimeManager for Unity:

It seems like sometimes it’s synchronous and sometimes it isn’t. If you use AssetBundles, split binary, or use the loadSamples parameter, then it’s asynchronous. But if you don’t do any of that, it’s synchronous.

Is that correct? I’m basing my understanding off of these two bits of documentation as well as experimentation:


Platform Specifics

Yes, that is correct. The RuntimeManager is a collection of helper functions of common commands and functions. You are still able to load banks via Studio::System::loadBankFile if you want more control over whether to load them synchronously or asynchronously.

Thanks for the explanation! It’d be awesome if that were documented somewhere. I didn’t see it in the RuntimeManager documentation and it seems like kind of a profound difference. Thanks very much!