Known issues 2.01.13 and 2.02.04

Initialization error on Windows (FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_INIT) when initializing either the FMOD Core System or FMOD Studio System. Caused by enumerating a buggy audio driver’s details.

This issue has been fixed in 2.01.15 and 2.02.06 which at the time of posting is not yet released.

The user can update the drivers for the problematic device, however it’s hard to know which audio device is causing the issues (it’s not necessarily the default device). A simpler solution is to disable all audio devices except the one you intend to use for playback. If the issue persists, then update the drivers for the remaining device.

We have a couple players who are affected by this bug. I’ll pass the workaround along to them, but do you have an estimate about when we’re likely to see the 2.02.06 update available for download? (is it likely days, weeks, or months away? If it’s close, I’ll likely recommend they just wait for us to upgrade to the new FMOD release rather than try to figure out driver updates)

The release should be available in a week or two depending on how the remaining blockers go.

Any news on when the 2.02.06 release will be Mathew?

I believe our guys are also having an issue with the error described here.

The release has been approved and is being readied on the website right now, so it should go live today.

Perfect timing. Many thanks - we will pop it out in a hotfix. Our support team are happy to hear this :slight_smile: