Latency in Events with lots of Audio Data - Video

Hey everyone, I am setting events to animations such as footsteps in UE4.26 with Studio 2.01.05.

I have noticed there is a delay from when the animation notifier is set to when I actually hear the sound fire. I made a short video below.

This only seems to occur with events with lots of data in them. I have included a video that demonstrate this. A simple one shot sound (in this instance, I have used a short synth stab) fires when it should however my footstep event which carries lots of of audio for different ground materials and character clothing (aprox 20 multi events with 6 - 9 short audio files in each) has about a 13 or so frame delay.

As I remove audio files from the event, the latency decreases. I have already adjusted the games buffer size to improve overall performance but this issue remain.

Can someone explain this to me or if there is a way to improve this? Please see the video above for full reference.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try with the “load sample data” option when loading the bank? Maybe a heavy event will benefit from being entirely pre-loaded in memory.
Did you check if the delay is still present on the built game?


Yes just did a build and went through and tested and still found there to be a delay.

Any other thoughts?

Bumping this

Are you able to attach a profiler session to the UE4 editor session and record this happening? It might show some insight like running out of memory or CPU. Could you also check the UE4 console to see if FMOD is firing any warnings?

Please see the attached video. i know its a little hard to follow but check out towards the end when i replay and try to follow the needle.

No errors coming up


As you said this video is a bit difficult to follow. I understand that there is latency happening but are you able to send this profiler session to us? Right click on the saved session and package it up. You can DM me for privacy reasons.

Thanks Richard, DM incoming