Linking heartbeat parameter automations/conditions to other events

Good Morning Folks,

  • I’m making a heartbeat/tinitus sound for player health in my FPS game, whereby based on the health, the heartbeat tempo/tinitus volume increases.

  • I’ve also created a health parameter, whereby any of the other sounds a player hears will be occluded (hi/lo filters etc.) and copy-pasted the event to each gameplay event (VO’s/monster roars/MUS/ pickups, reloads etc.)

    When I audition each event individually by changing the health parameter in their transport panels, each event behaves as they're supposed to, based on the change in player health (0-100). However when I open multiple windows, and try to audition sounds playing together (Gunshots and music/ Ambience and VO/ Footsteps and whatever), I will change the parameter of one event in one editor window, but it WON'T affect the same parameter/automation attached to the other events.

    I think my question is this: If I implement the build in the game, and the player commences to loose health, will the automation set for the health parameter, attached to each individual event, still play as intended in the game? If not, is there a master way to implement the same automation to all Events at the same time, and audition that overall change in FMOD?

If you are using FMOD Studio 2.00 then you can make your health parameter a global parameter. This way you can manipulate one parameter to affect all event instances and buses that use that parameter.

If you are using an older version of FMOD Studio, then you will need to use game code to manipulate the parameter on each event instance that uses this parameter.

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