"Loading delay exceeded..." log warning when calling FMOD Sound Component Play function

Whenever I call an FMOD Sound Component’s Play function in Blueprints I get the following log message:

Loading delay exceeded, sound may play at incorrect time

Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?

This means that there was a slight delay in playing the sound because it had to load in. By default, the UE4 integration only loads sample data as needed.

It may not be an issue at all. But to avoid it, you can select “Load All Sample Data” from the FMOD Studio settings. That will load all sample data up for all banks at start up - the trade off is that it will use more memory.

The next patch release will have some additional Blueprint functionality for manual loading and unloading of sample data either per event type, and per bank. That will allow pre-loading for particular sounds if they become an issue.

But it should only need to load in once, right? I get this message every time Play is called, even on the same sample data.

I use a lot of looped sounds and I call Play to initialize the loop and Stop to end it. Does Stop clear the sample data from memory requiring it to be loaded in again on next use?

Thanks for the help.

By default it will unloads the sample data when the last instance has been destroyed. In our integration, the audio component removes the instance when Stop is called.

If it is a problem then the steps will be as above, either load sample data up front or use blueprints.

We could also extend the audio component to not destroy instances when stopping, but that would complicate the integration for little gain, so I probably won’t do that.