UE4 Loading delay exceeded warnings

Ive been noticing the following error spamming in the UE4 Output Dialog window recently…

LogFMOD:Warning: d:\jk\workspace\Build__1.7__UE4Libs_Win\studio_api\src\fmod_playback_instrument.cpp(1109) - Loading delay exceeded, sound may play at incorrect time

Is this anything we should be concerned about?

We’re currently on FMOD 1.07.03 and UE4.10

That isn’t necessarily a problem. It just means the sample data loaded in and cause a slight delay in the sound. If you don’t notice any problems, the message isn’t particularly useful.

If you notice any problems, you can enable Sample Loading in the FMOD UE4 settings to load all sample data up front. Or you can selected event sample data via UE4 blueprints.

Perfect, thanks Geoff. Im not hearing any significant delays but just wanted to be sure, as there are a lot of these printing out (maybe for every sound instance?)

I’m still experiencing a lot of these warnings. Not only they aren’t very useful (since there’s nothing I can do about them, anyway), they are a nuisance since they spam the log, making it harder to see the more important messages. In particular, those messages appear in the Automation Test Results panel when you do automated tests, which is really annoying since a lot of automated tests might be marked as “succeed with warning” only because of them. Is there a way to disable them?