Localized Audio Table. Volume and length


I’m trying to use the Localized Audio Table system and wonders:

  1. Is it possible to adjust the volume of induvidual voices in the same event (in the programmer instrument) or if this has to be done in the sample itself?

  2. The programmer instrument box size seems to have to be big enough to cover the length of all languages for the given event. Is this correct? And can it give issues like maybe the lenght of a short spoken language returning timed length as the longest spoken language?

  3. I’ve now tested a bit and I get no sound in Unreal. I’ve set game to not load all banks, and then load the voice_en.bank via blueprint. (I had to make this uasset myself since the system did not auto create it… No error on loading.) And no errors on playing. I play it via some custom code I’ve ripped from an earlier project. The event seems to be found and my code also report it as being 2 seconds long, which does not match with any of my samples… Nor does playing the event in unreal editor work. Any suggestions on what I’m missing? (It works fine in fmod studio 2.00.10 unreal 4.24.3)

In regards to your audio table questions:

  1. It can be done either way but the easiest was would be to normalize all your samples first to avoid having to manually edit the programmer instrument each time a different sample is loaded in. To edit the volume per individual voice, you would need to adjust the volume of the FMOD::Sound when the callback is triggered.

  2. It is best practice to make programmer instruments asynchronous. This way the sound is played out in its entirety from when the programmer instrument is triggered rather than a synchronous instrument that only plays for the length of the programmer instrument. Select the programmer instrument and enable the “Async” button in the deck.

For the Unreal Engine question I will need to investigate further. In the meantime, can you please check if this error happens when doing a more vanilla approach (allowing all banks to load by default)?

Thanks for your reply.

If I “load all banks” I still not get any sound if attempting to play the event in the editor by right clicking the fmod event asset -> Play.

For the whole localization thing, I went back to my ‘oldshcool’ way of making 1 event per language, separating them by folders “en”, “no”, etc. and formating correct event path at runtime in c++.

You shouldn’t be able to hear anything when auditioning through the editor as it won’t have the programmer instrument’s audio table key for the callback yet.

Did your original blueprint have the correct strings for the key when the event is being played?


I got this working now.
I had not looked at the unreal part of the documentation that has the extra added setup for localization, nor did I call ‘set programmer sound name’ as I thought this was already defined in fmodstudio when I dropped in that placeholder and selected the correct key in my events programmer instrument.
So then, if I like, I could just have 1 event that will be used for all the dialog and then the correct key for the sound must be set on play. And the placeholder is just that, a placeholder for testing the event in fmod studio. It now also make sense why the sound can’t be played in unreal editor by clicking on the asset. Thanks for the help.

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