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Is there a way to log custom strings to the fmod console using the plugin api? I can log errors by returning various error codes, but I would like to send more verbose messages. Is this possible?


At this stage, there isn’t really anything available for logging messages to FMOD Studio’s console (I am assuming that’s what you are referring to) from a plugin. It’s probably something we might add further down the road.

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Yes that’s what I was talking about. It would be a nice feature. Unless I’m mistaken there is no way to display messages to the users of plugins?

You are right. There isn’t any logging functionality at this stage for plugin at the time of writing (i.e. Studio 1.08.07). We might address this further down the road in one of our patch releases or a major release.

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Cool. Another nice thing would be the ability to launch a simple modal message window.

We might have some form of logging in 1.09, not too sure about the modal message window at this stage.

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I can confirm DSP logging support will be available with the release of 1.09.00.

Great stuff. This will be very useful.

sorry for reviving this old thread but I am currently writing my own plugin and I would like to know how to log to the console. Currently I am coding blindly without having any feedback. Please explain to me like I am 5.
My current code looks like this and I simply want to print here:

FMOD_RESULT F_CALLBACK Ginsu_Synth_DspSetParamData(FMOD_DSP_STATE* dsp, int index, void* data, unsigned int length)
	GinsuSynth* state = (GinsuSynth*)dsp->plugindata;
	printf("Hello World");
	return FMOD_OK;

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As per your other thread, you seem to have worked this out: Creating a custom plugin - #5 by apfelbaum

For others looking for how to log to the FMOD Studio console from a DSP, please see this reply: FMOD_DSP_LOG - #2 by mathew

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