macOS and MP4(.m4a) audio

FMOD error 19 - Unsupported file or audio format.
It works fine on iOS, didn’t tested on android yes, but I think it will work.
However I got this error when trying to play same file on macOS. When I change format to .mp3 all works well, but I want to use MP4.

MP4 AAC can only be decoded on the iOS platform for FMOD 4 (FMOD Ex / FMOD Designer).
With FMOD 5 (FMOD Studio) you can play MP4 AAC on iOS and Android.

Due to licensing issues we only support AAC decoding on those platforms.

If you need AAC decoding on other platforms you would need to implement this yourself via a custom FMOD codec plugin.

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So, that means for me I can’t use it on Mac? But just macOS plays that file without any problem.