MacOS DllNotFoundException: fmodstudioL

@mathew So the builds coming out from the build server works again. I really have no clue what caused them to work again. Maybe it was the copy pasted info.plist file.

Hi @mathew, we’ve just started hitting this error after we started building our projects from a Windows computer. We do have auto-crlf enabled on git, but this is a standard git feature and general useful for us. Having read this thread, am understanding correctly that we cannot really build the project from our Windows machines without somehow overriding these files to retain LF returns even on Windows?

Are you treating this as a bug, and if so is there a fix available yet? I believe we’ve successfully built our FMOD Unity games from Windows before, but perhaps not with this version of FMOD (2.01.01). Could this be a regression?

We aren’t treating this as a bug on the code side as it is largely outside our control, perhaps it’s better treated as an opportunity for documentation. The best solution I can see to play nice with the use of Git and auto-crlf would be to modify (or add) a .gitattributes file to your project. If you add the line Info.plist text eol=lf it should ensure that Info.plist files always use line feeds.

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@mathew, thanks for the quick response. Nice, I was about to report back that I’ve fixed the issue with that exact change.

it is largely outside our control

Right, so these files aren’t directly processed by FMOD? Shame because this feels like a real time sink for anybody hitting it.

Glad you managed to fix it, I’ve created a task to add this to our documentation for Unity / Git.

It’s possible we could do something in the integration to detect source control / external applications tampering with our libraries. Just be mindful, any binary (not just FMOD) that is signed and notarized will be susceptible to this problem. The change to the gitattributes will protect all binaries, not just ours.

Wow, this is incredible for me to finally get to the bottom of this issue. Over the past 2 years, I have tried to move our project forward to a new version of FMOD probably 5 or 6 times. Each time, I’ve carefully verified that everything works fine on both of my own 2 Macs. And each time, I will inevitably get a report from a Mac customer that the game no longer launches for them, causing me an agonizing rollback to 2.00.08, which for some reason, has always resolved the issue.

I still don’t understand why that version seemed to do the trick - all the Info.plist files in my P4 history seem to incorrectly have CRLF newlines… but at any rate, forcing them to LF before making a build reportedly fixed the issue for every Mac player I’ve spoken to.

At any rate, it’s not the first time I’ve been robbed blind by newline issues. Thanks for the thorough investigation of this problem!

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