Magnet Region with Transition Timeline behavior

I have an event with several magnet regions that all have transition timelines. All seems to be working well except for an, for me, unexpected behavior: When the currently playing magnet region loops around again it also plays its transition timeline at the start of the region. Is this intended? Is there any way to circumvent this other than creating a web of transition and destination regions? Currently on version 2.02.03

Hi, this post answers to your questions. At that time, I wasn’t understanding magnet region transitions neither myself, but in a different way. Note that it has been updated in 2.02.04: the transition timeline now displays at the left, which is clearer.

Ah! If I’m understanding this correctly, magnet regions are not technically looping when the playhead stays inside, but dragging the playhead back into the region and thus triggers a transition into it?

That’s it. If you want that transition timeline to not apply when repeating a region, you should add a loop region above the magnet region.

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