Suggestion: transition timeline before magnet region

Since the magnet region is an inverted transition region mixed with a loop region, it has to have a transition timeline to get into it, as well as the actual transition timeline for the loop.

Magnet regions have a single transition timeline that is entered to get into it, which sounds like what you are asking for. It’s not quite a loop region - it just acts like one because if you leave it, you will have to re-enter it (which happens via the transition timeline if there is one).

If you want a separate transition timeline for looping, you would have to add a loop region with a transition timeline inside the magnet region. Let me know if there’s something I’m missing with what you are asking for.

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Oh right, in fact it is what I was asking for. What’s confusing is the fact the transition timeline opens at right side of the region, instead of left.

Yes I can see that as being a tad confusing. I believe it was chosen to be on this side as prior to 2.00.08, dragging the destination region would also drag along the main timeilne to show where it would play from. But this was changed so it may be worth revisiting this - I’ve added a task to investigate this further.