Making Occlusion Ray Cast / Line Trace visible for debugging

Hi All,

I’ve successfully used the following information to get occlusion to work using line traces / ray casts in Unreal:

I am however seeing issues with the line trace itself - it’s doing unexpected things and thus causing the occlusion effect in FMOD to turn on and off when it shouldn’t be. Does anybody know how I can make the line traces visible in Unreal, so I can debug them?

When doing other kinds of line traces from Unreal Blueprints (for example “LineTraceByChannel”) there is a “Draw Debug Type” which makes it visible. I basically want the equivalent of this, but for the line traces from the FMOD Audio Components.



Figured out a way to do this now. :slight_smile:

Screenshot of blueprint code available here:

Where in the screenshot it says ‘Engine Sound’ you basically need to substitute that for whichever FMOD audio component you are trying to test occlusion from.