Monitoring in 7.1.4

Hello there!

I’m having a question regarding monitoring of 7.1.4 channels output.

Simply put - if I have a sound card that has 12 analog outputs, will I be able to monitor that properly in fmod?

From what I’ve reasearched allready - fmod will only go as high as system output is set (and windows doesn’t seem to go higher than 7.1 discrete) and it seems the only way to go is via dolby access app over hdmi to decoder. Is that correct and it’s the only option to do so?


As of the time of writing (July of 2021), FMOD Studio uses your operating system’s output format, and so cannot handle larger numbers of channels.

Thank you for clearing that out for me @joseph!

“As of the time of writing”… does it mean there is a plan to change it?

In this case, it’s something we’ve been discussing internally. It remains to be seen where those discussions will lead.