Multiple Reverb Sends within group track?

In Studio 01.08.12, I was experimenting and testing is out and I’m wondering if it’s possible -

Is there a way to send different levels of “Send” amount from individual event tracks in the mixer to an overriding Snapshot?

I ask because right now it looks as though only Group tracks/busses can be acted on in the Snapshot from what I’m seeing, like I can’t select individual event tracks like those that are not assigned to a group.

And if I can’t select them in a snapshot, I’m not able to assign them to that snapshot.

For this example we have different kinds of guns in our game, with different amounts of reverb that each needs, but I cant send an individual signal to the reverb return from each for the Snapshot from the tracks themselves… will I need to make a grouped track for each?

Many thanks!

Hi Jesse!

I’ve come into this scenario myself and I went about it by setting the reverb sends on each event and then using a snapshot to raise or lower the volume of the reverb bus. This will obviously mean ALL gunshots will have the same reverb; if the player was inside and the gunshot outside, it would sound like the gunshot was inside.

The solution to that for me was the have a parameter for every reverb on every event I wanted it to be on. Stuff like ‘Indoor Verb’, ‘Outdoor Verb’ etc. Then I set up some trigger regions in the game and gave it I parameter to trigger if an event walked in. This way, the individual event has its own reverb setting. Obviously, this now means there’s tons of triggers around the place and the FMOD event will require more processing, but I think this is the best option for immersion.

Hope this helps!

Actually, I’ve just tested this. You can expose the intensity of the snapshot as a parameter. Once in the event, you can create a parameter going from 0 to 100. In theory, the snapshot’s intensity will drive the parameter in the event. (I think I’m going to use this myself now).

Hey James!

Thank you so much for the helpful reply, really appreciate it.

Just a question - it seems easy enough to expose the intensity as a parameter within the snapshot I created itself, but it doesnt look like I have access to this new ‘Intensity’ parameter on the event tracks themselves?

I’m not sure how I can automate it if I can’t put it on an event. :confused:

Ah, if you add the snapshot into your event, the snapshot will have two nobs: one that is always there and is for triggering the snapshot and setting its intensity, the other is the one we just created and will drive any parameter called ‘Intensity’ within your event.

Obviously, make sure the snapshot isn’t going to get triggered by the event. I haven’t tested this part but I’m thinking either set its normal intensity to zero or have its trigger possibility set to zero.

Best of luck!