Routing event instances through different reverb snapshots

Hi, I’m evaluating propagating reverb from different “rooms”. The idea would be to route event instances through different room buses that can have rever snapshots per bus, and finally mix these into the reverb snapshot of the current room of the listener.

I’ve found a way to add reverb per event instance, but that’s going to have too much of a performance hit. The ideal solution would be to route an event instance to specific buses and apply the reverb there.

The same event might have multiple instances that will be emitted from different rooms that should thus be routed through different reverbs. When I tried this it seems like snapshots are applied globally, so it won’t really work.

Is there a setup I could apply in fmod studio to achieve something like this?

Yes, the snapshot will apply its settings to entire busses, thus it’s probably not the right method for different event instances (which are all routed towards the same bus).
IMO, instead of snapshots you should use sends to all your mixer reverb returns. All the sends levels would be automated by a (local) parameter, which would tell if the instance is “outside”, “inside”, etc…
In fact, in FMOD Studio, sends of often used to “trick” the routing (especially when pre-fader).

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Thank you for the answer! I was hoping to apply reverb on a group of event instances rather than per event instance (which sounds expensive!) Naturally that would require that I can route an event instance to a specific group (adjacent room x / outside / narrow corridor). Would that be viable at all?

You can’t route dynamically, but you can send dynamically to a specific bus. If you want to mimic a pure routing with sends, put your send pre-fader and set the fader to -inf.

It’s not expensive at all, you’ll only have one effect per reverb type (inside, outside, etc…), each one on its own bus (mixer return). And you’ll send dynamically each instance to the right bus using a parameter. The parameter changes (even on a per instance basis) will cost absolutely nothing compared to one reverb effect.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification! Thanks a lot!

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