Mystery validation errors

Known bug: My project is in a constant state of thinking it needs validation because of the bug in which control events which address parameters is erroneously flagged as invalid by the validator.

However, I also get this:

Files containing conflicting asset metadata:
- Audio File [""]
- Master Asset Folder [""]

Any idea to what these could refer?

As posted in two other related topics:

I now believe this was a result of Studio and Perforce being out-of-sync.

I did the following and the problem seems to have disappeared:

  • Repaired all validation errors and deleted all unwanted events.
  • Made a back-up copy of my entire FMOD project folder.
  • In Perforce, marked the entire project folder for delete.
  • Copied the project back to its original location from the back-up location.
  • In Perforce, added the entire project back.

I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue. If you see similar validation errors showing up in future, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hi Joseph, as I added to another thread, the same sync problems resurfaced almost immediately. It seems to center around trying to delete things. It kinda looks like Studio is failing to convince the P4 Depot that the related metadata .xml files should be deleted. They remain in the depot, so on the next sync/merge/commit, they are re-obtained from the depot.

The only work-around I have found is to look up the guids and manually delete them, in P4V, at the depot level. :frowning:

If the events in your project are out of sync with each other, as your ongoing source control problems suggest, then validation errors are to be expected: Your project’s deleted files contain references to relationships with other files; whereas those other files do not include mention of those relationships, as those relationships were deleted when the files were. FMOD Studio’s validator detects these incomplete half-relationships and correctly interprets them as invalid.

The only way to permanently solve these validation errors is to stop your project from becoming invalid by solving the source control problems you’ve been having.

. . .

I agree.

My main question is: What is causing this to happen, and how might I avoid it? I’m pretty sure I’m no longer doing any of the things I’m not supposed to do, and after getting the project into a completely functional, error-free state, I made a copy of it and used that as a “new” project. (Minus the .cache and .unsaved folders, of course)

As I have mentioned in the thread for your source control issues, we have not yet been able to determine the cause of the source control issues you are experiencing.