Events missing in eventbrowser on new computer after pulling project from perforce


I submitted a crash report but figured it might be helpful to post here as well for anyone facing the same issue.

I created an Fmod project on a machine running windows 10 using FMOD studio 2.01.06 and synced that project with our perforce server. The project itself is linked to an Unreal Engine project, but that should have no effect on the issue described as far as I can tell.

Due to the covid pandemic I moved into home office with a new PC running windows 10 as well. I set up p4v and the p4 command line client as well as FMOD studio 2.01.06, got the latest revisions from the depot and opened the project.

In the project I found that 2 of my Events as well as the folder they are contained in are missing in the Eventbrowser. The events are on the other hand still referenced in their Bank, but when selected show the tag “Issue detected”. When trying to open the Event from the Banksbrowser, FMODStudio crashes.

I’ve tryed resyncing the project to no success.

I’ve had a simillar Issue trying to get the same project to work on my macbook pro (same workflow as described above), but more than just 2 Events were missing. I dismissed it as perhaps being a platform issue but it seems to be a more general problem either with perforce or VC in general.

Any help on that matter is greatly appreciated!

This is almost certainly not a platform-specific issue. Rather, it is likely the result of files being missing from your FMOD Studio project, either because they were not properly downloaded to your local Perforce workspace, or because they are not present in the Perforce depot on your server.

Are you able to use P4V to confirm that all the files present in the server’s depot are also present (and updated to their latest revisions) in your local workspace?

I am uncertain why your project would not be correctly synchronized. Do your home computers use DropBox or other folder synchronization service? Such services often interfere with Perforce’s and FMOD Studio’s ability to function correctly.

Well… turns out I’m at fault here. I was 100 % sure I had everything on the depot- but I actually didn’t. Fixed it and everything is working fine now. Thanks for forcing me to double check :wink: