No sound on Gear VR (Android) with 4.13

Directly (or not?) related to this post:

I am using UE 4.13.0 and FMOD plugin for UE4. While I can hear sound in the Editor(PIE), there is no sound on the device (Gear VR).

Using FMOD .so and .dlls from Audio SDK Plugins 1.04 from Oculus with FMOD version 1.08.11 plugins from FMOD.


My logcat:

Everything checks out and validates, yet bunch of errors in log and the lib isn’t being loaded.

I did exactly the same setup I did for 4.12. After deploying the project the lib is in the Intermediate folder.

As mentioned in the other Post here:
It seems to me that fmod for 4.13 does not work for android at the moment

This looks to be related to a compatibility issue with some devices that was introduced in 1.08.11 when we updated to Android NDK r12b.

This issue is fixed in the FMOD 1.08.12, which is due for release within the next few days. If you can’t wait that long, please try rolling back to FMOD 1.08.10.