No way to check if created Programmer Sound is valid

When calling SetProgrammerSound() on UFMODAudioComponent there’s no way to receive information if any sound has been created.

I had to add a boolean to component set in EventCallbackCreateProgrammerSound(), set to true if sound creation returns FMOD_OK.
Could we have it done this way (or any other way) in vanilla plugin, please? :slight_smile:

Or maybe I’m missing something here?

Using FMOD 1.10.08 for UE 4.20.

This does sound like something that would be good to add to the integration, and the way you mentioned could be one of the ways we would add this functionality.

Before we look further into the best way to implement this, can you share your use case to help us understand what you want to get out of it.

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Our use is a dialogue system.

  1. Node editor is used to assemble dialogues in engine. Every node generates expected filename for Voice Over file. Recorded VO file will be saved under this name at some point in future.
  2. We use Audio Table feature to gather all the VO files and add it to bank automatically. There are no hard references to these files in the engine. We want dialogue system to find them and load on demand.
  3. There’s only a single FMOD event for player VO, etc. We use Programmer Sound Name feature to load proper VO file to FMOD event.

Of course, it’s normal during production that we’re missing some VO files - because given dialogue wasn’t recorded yet. Or writer simply tests the dialogue his working on.
In such case we need an information from FMOD “sorry, there’s no Voice Over file with given path/name”. Fallback is to display subtitles for some time (the longer text is, display it for longer time) instead of playing empty sound.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation, that does sound like a good thing to have.

I will add a task to investigate the best way to implement this for a future release.