FMOD UE4 Programmers Sound Not Playing

Afternoon all!

This is most likely a newbie mistake I’m making here, and I guess I’m not only asking for help with an issue, but also asking for advice on if my approach is valid.

== What I’m looking to make ==
I need a system where I can produce a string of audio events to sound like a sentence, in a programmatic way, where it’s also easy to change voices (that will also have the same vocabulary). (E.g. I want to get a phone call that says “alpha”, “beta”, “1”) and if I load another bank, it’ll say the same string of words, but different audio files will play (with a different voice).

== What I’ve got ==
Currently got a programmer sound event, with a set of files called “alpha”, “beta”, “gamma”, “omega” in bank “TTS”. When I need to string a sentence together, I just “Set Programmer Sound” to the first letter in a sentence array, “Play” it, loop through until sentence is complete.

== My current issue ==
Simply, my “play” events aren’t producing anything. For sanity sake, I’ve added “is playing” and “is bank loaded” events. Side error: If I skip the “play” call completely, the “is playing” returns “true”… for some reason.

I’ve followed so far.

UE: 4.20.3
FMOD: 1.10.08

I’m getting the same issue with a completely fresh UE4 project, a new FMOD project, and different file formats (.ogg and .mp3).

There’s clearly some setting that I’m missing here.

Help would be SUPER appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Okay… I’ll admit… Newbie mistake.
But it’s still not mentioned in the documentation.

Because the event wasn’t selected in the FMODAudio Component, it didn’t play anything.

From reading the documents, I didn’t realise a programmer sound event needed to be specified. From the docs, I assumed that it would be loaded when the bank was loaded.

A new screenshot and a bit of text in the following doc entry would be really appreciated!