Noob question: Selecting all sounds in an action. CTRL+A doesn't work

CTRL+A doesn’t work to select all the sounds in an action. Is there a way to do this?

There is currently no keyboard shortcut that multi-selects all of the instruments in an action sheet’s playlist.

However, you can multi-select instruments in an action sheet playlist by clicking on one instrument, then holding down the “Shift” key and clicking on another instrument. This selects both instruments and all instruments between them, and so can be used to select every instrument in a playlist if desired.

Thanks joseph. Is this the same for all sounds on a parameter, within an action?

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question. An instrument can be on an action sheet, or on a parameter sheet, not both.

Oh I just meant… Create new 3D Action → create parameter → put sounds there → CRTL A doesnt work to select the sounds in that parameter.

Don’t worry. I’ll just shift click all the sounds in there to select them all lol. I feel like I’ve taken up enough of your time for the moment.

Really appreciate your time

Ah, I see the point of confusion. The things created by the “New 2D Action,” “New 3D Action,” “New 2D Timeline” and “New 3D Timeline” menu command are all “events,” not “actions” or “timelines.” The choice of menu command just determines the initial contents of the event: The “New 2D Action,” and “New 3D Action” commands both create an event containing an action sheet, whereas the “New 2D Timeline” and “New 3D Timeline” commands create an event containing a timeline sheet. Similarly, the “New 3D Action,” and “New 3D Timeline” commands both create an event with a spatializer effect on its master track, whereas the “New 2D Action” and “New 2D Timeline” commands create an effect with no spatializer effect.

Once an event has been created, sheets and effects can be freely added and removed. Thus, if you use the “New 2D Action” command to create an event, then delete the action sheet and add a timeline sheet to the event, the event will then be identical in every way to an event that was created using the “New 2D Timeline” command.

There are two different kinds of sheet that an event can contain: Action sheets, and parameter sheets. A timeline sheet is just a specialized type of parameter sheet. An event can contain either or both kinds of sheet (or neither, though such an event wouldn’t be very useful).

So, to answer your question: There is no keyboard shortcut to select all of the instruments on a parameter sheet. The menu command used to create the event is immaterial, as the choice of menu command only determines the initial contents of the event, and does not otherwise affect its behavior.

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Great explanation as always. Thanks joseph