Not able to add "optional tags" when creating a new Topic here in the QA Forum

Ok, so how do I go about adding an “optional tag” to my post? There seems to be functionality for it, but it never EVER finds any relevant tags that I could add to my question/topic/post, and I can’t add my own tags either… sooo how do I do it then?

Picture of what I mean:

I’m using Google Chrome, Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit), if that makes any difference.

Our forums are set to only allow admins to add tags. Do you have a suggestion for tags that you want?

Oh ok, that’s a bit confusing.

I was thinking relevant keywords for different aspects of gameaudio, and also if you have found a workaround or want to share a tip on how to do a thing in FMOD. What I originally wanted to do was to give you guys some feedback / tip on how to improve the Unity Integration - but there is no category or tag for that.

People could also subscribe to these tags, so that when anyone posts something about it they get a notification.

Some Examples
Sharing tutorials / giving feedback / helping each other out:

Some other tags:


It would also be nice to have a category for questions about scripting for FMOD Studio. That would also be a good place for people to find and share useful .js-scripts which could improve their workflow etc.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve added a few more tags based on your suggestions. We will keep adding more as needed.