Number of inputs / outputs of a soundcard - low level API

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem, a simple basic one, but I cannot find any informations about this…

I’m developing a software for mac osx, using fmod low level api.
I know how to discover the different sound cards connected with getNumDriver et getDriverInfo. I know how to select one with setDriver.

Here is my problem :
I just want to know how many inputs / outputs there is in the selected soundcard. I need to play a sound (mono) through an output of the soundcard, and record from one input of the sound card.
And I want the user to select which input will be recorded, and which output of the soundcard will be used to play the sound.

Can you help me please ??

Thank you very much.

Using getDriverInfo/getRecordDriverInfo will give you the drivers that the operating system exposes for each input/output, not to device. If your device has multiple input/output, then they will be listed as different drivers.

Our LowLevel API comes with a ‘record_enumeration’ example which allows you to select a recording device from a list of devices attached.