Opening/Closing Preferences window runs FMOD very slowly

Hi, I have a big issue with opening/closing preferences window - it takes fmod about 20+ minutes to do such simple operation - if i click during that time it crashes :frowning: that destroys workflow so much. Have you guys any ideas why? I will only add that our project is rich in assets and events ( in case that means anything in this situation).


What OS and FMOD Studio version are you using?

An extremely large amount of assets an events has been known to cause FMOD Studio to slow down or hang, but typically not with the preferences window. Can you give me a rough esitmate of the amount of assets and events you have? Additionally, FMOD Studio’s source control integrations can occasionally cause the application to hang - are you using any of the built-in source control integrations?

If possible, could I also get you to post a log from FMOD Studio with verbose logging enabled after opening/closing the preferences window, to see if it gives any more indication as to the cause of the issue? You can access the log from Window → Console → Logging.

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Just following up on this - did you manage to resolve your issue? If not, can you please provide me with the info I noted in my previous reply? Specifically, the number of events and assets (estimates are fine), whether you’re using one of Studio’s source control integrations, and a log with verbose logging enabled when Studio hangs on opening/closing preferences.

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Hi Louis,

Sorry for the delayed response. I think you’re right about control intergrations - before integration with P4 it worked flawless with all events and assets. When i connected to preforce it slowed down. But now it seems like the problem is solved in some ways. Im working on better PC and it also made it all faster. Sometimes when i save project quickly after opening fmod it takes 30-40min again but after that ,first’’ save everything works fine and fast. Same with uploading new assets to audio bin, it can take half hour to process only one small asset, but after that its ok. The number of assets is about 25k. - events maybe 12-18k?

Thank you Louis! :wink:

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I’m happy to hear that it’s improved for you! That said, if you’re not already using it, I would recommend switching from the “Perforce” integration to “Perforce (Legacy Integration)”. They’re functionally the same, but the legacy integration typically offers better speed, and given the size of your project it would likely reduce the processing time by a fair amount.

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