OSX Apple Script support to control menu bar and user interface

Hi, I’m starting to work intensively on FMOD Studio. I’m an experienced Pro Tools (on mac) user and I’m used to build a fast and smooth workflow through shortcuts, apple script automations and macros that significantly speed up the non-creative operations. Unfortunately I found FMOD Studio not compatible to apple scripting, I tried in different ways to access menu bar items (and sub-menu items) but I did’t find a working solution. Some other mac user found a working solution? If not I think that may be important to fix/add this thing!

As of the time of writing (June of 2021), FMOD Studio does not support AppleScript. However, that does not mean you cannot use scripts and keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow.

You can customize your keyboard shortcuts in the “Shortcuts” tab of FMOD Studio’s preferences window.

You can script complex behavior in FMOD Studio by creating FMOD Studio scripts, as described in the Scripting chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual. FMOD Studio scripts can be assigned keyboard shortcuts, and are OS-agnostic, meaning they can be used by Windows, macOs, and Linux users.

Thank you @joseph I’m gonna dive into FMOD Studio Scripts

Hey @joseph is there any example around on how to trigger a custom script from a chosen shortcut?

Yes. The “Engine Designer” and “Randomize Track Colors” example scripts that come packaged with FMOD Studio use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+E and Alt+R, respectively.

Great, thank you very much!