Package a Patch with Commandlet in MacOS but FFMODFileSystem thread not exit blocks package thread


Platform: macos
Engine: Unreal Engine
I try to Package a Patch for my project with Command but FFMODFileSystem thread run and it blocks my package thread.
It only happened in mac platform and the problem seems is i dont have authority of write to disk cause the file cannot write and the thread is waiting for this. But I’m not sure.
The FFMODFileSystem is Static.
And FMOD Plungin call StartupModule function when Unreal Engine work.
Can I change FFMODFileSystem to non-static and make Plungin skip StartupWork when patch?

Or how should I configure patch setting in macos?


What version of FMOD and Unreal are you using?

Unreal 4.27
FMOD 2.02

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Thank you.
My workmate fix this problem.

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I’m sorry that i’m here again.
The problem is not fixed.

Here is somr new messages.
Mac Studio ,M2 MAX chip,UE4Editor sometimes cannot exit.

It will waiting here.

I need some help.

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