Packing FMOD Banks in Unreal

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Hello. I meet problem in packaged-unreal project with ios platform.

After changed some fmod event and rebuild fmod bank, we made a patch and hot fix project but the new change not work in ios platform.

Does this problem fixed?

Can we use pak to hot fix fmod change?

Thank you.


Yes, problem that you linked has been resolved.

Can I get you to elaborate on what you mean by “the new change not work in ios platform” - what specifically is the issue on iOS? Are you able to retrieve any UE/FMOD logs from iOS when the issue occurs? If so, please post the logs here so I can take a look.

Also, what are the full version numbers of FMOD and Unreal that you’re using?

UE hide content dir in ios package,I can’t update bank files by patch.
UE version is 4.27 FMOD 2.02.10.
IIs this problem fixed in this version?If the problem is resoved,I can use pak to do this.

Yes, the deadlock problem you linked has been fixed, so I would recommend trying to use a pak to patch your banks. If that doesn’t work, please let me know.