Playing a single midi note with DLS [C#]

Hey guys,

I’m working on a small program and I’d like to play midi notes. Right now I’m using NAudio to read in the MIDI file and get every note but I couldn’t find a way how to play the notes while using DLS.

After hours of googling I found that the solution to my problem would be using DirectMusic, but the only problem with that is there’s no C# version available for that.

Then I found FMOD a couple days ago but I could only find a single article about “c# DLS” and I couldn’t really get how to do it.

I’d appretiate if someone could give a short example like on something like:
Read DLS
MidiOut(msg, dls?)

Thank you for the help!

FMOD will allow you to play a .mid file using either the OS default or a user provided DLS. However there is no lower level access than that, you cannot feed MIDI notes to FMOD and have them rendered.