Problem with snapshot with multiple clients

So what I want to do is to add an effect to several events when a player is wearing a mask (for example jumping, hurt-sounds, etc).
The client can either wear the mask or he can not (depends on what the client chooses in the options). I thought the best way to do that is to group all events that are affected and then use a snapshot that adds the effect (its an eq, a compressor and a send) to that group.
So if a client uses a mask the snapshot is applied and when he puts the mask away the snapshot is turned off.
The problem is (for example with two clients):
If my character is wearing a mask, and your character is not, then I will hear the mask-effect. If I take off my mask, and you keep yours on, I won’t hear your mask-effect anymore.

Hi jojojo,

It sounds like the snapshot is being used when any character puts their mask on rather than just the player’s character.

You will need to have some game code to check whether the player’s character is wearing a mask and to ignore any other players.