Error with Snapshots

Hi guys,

I have the following problem.

I have four different sounds and I want to play the sound only one defined speaker of the 5.1 sound system.

In the wav files the sound info is on each channel identical and I create 4 different snapshot where I “open” only one specific channel. I add this shapshort to each sound.

The tests in FMOD with each single soundfile was ok, but I could not test multiple files a the same time.

If I play in UNITY all files with the same snapshort, it’s working, but if I changed the snapshot in one file the other files are still playing on the correct speaker, but the volume decreased.

Thanks in advance

For your method to work, each of your four events would need to be routed into a different group bus. Can you confirm that this is the case? Are you using blending or overriding snapshots? When you profile the project, how many snapshot instances are active simultaneously, and what are their relative priorities?

Hi Joseph,
I can confirm if I use a snapshot for each event, it’s works. I found this “bug” already yesterday by myself. And I use overriding snapshots.

But at the moment I am still in the evaluation/prototype phase. In the future I will have 30-40 different events an want to play this on 4 different speakers, so I will need 120-160 snapshots at least. If one event should play on two or more speakers at the same time, the number of snapshots will be more than 500. I think there should be a better solution line “PLAY(bool[4])”.

Unfortunately, I’m not actually sure what you’re trying to achieve, so I can’t offer you any useful advice. Why do you want your events to output only some of their channels, and why do you need to use snapshots to achieve this rather than an automated channel mix effect automated on the events’ parameters?

The reason why this is happening is that snapshots affect buses, not events. This means that if all your events route into the same group bus, and each of those events is triggering a different snapshot on that bus, all of the snapshots will be active simultaneously - and if all the snapshots are affecting the same properties, they’ll either override or blend with each other, depending on their snapshot behaviour and intensities.

If you want a snapshot to only affect one particular event, you need to make sure that event is the only thing routed into the bus that the snapshot affects - and event then, the all instances of the event will be equally affected by the snapshot.

I have already added a channel mix effect to each snapshorts. Each sound event has a parameter with which I can choose between the different snapshots.
soundEvent.setParameterValue("AudioMode", (int)mode);
This is the actual implementation and it’s working well.

Short Example of the complexity of this solution:
A event with a 4 channel audio file needs 16 (2^4) different snapshots to implement all possibilities of using different speakers

But I wonder if there is not a more elegant solution.

Best regards

I’m afraid I still don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, so I can’t suggest a more elegant solution that achieves the same goal. Why are you using snapshots for this instead of placing the channel mix effects inside the events and using the events’ parameters to automate them directly?

Sorry Joseph,

You right.

After the possibility to hang the effect directly to the event I was looking, but the EventEditor offered me this not. When searching the Internet I have only found the way over the snapshots.
Because of your note, I tried again today to hang the effect on the event, this time with success. I probably had never selected the audio track before.

Thanks for your help

I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue.