Problems with transitions

Hello everybody!
I’m trying to make a transition between two parts in the same song controlled by a parameter. If i do it without using the transition time line, the transition goes very smoothly but using it fmod cuts a bit the first beat after the transition time line. Does any one knows how to deal with this problem?
I took a picture to illustrate what i’m trying to say.

To answer this question, we first need more information about what behavior you’re trying to achieve. Why are you using a transition timeline, and what content do you want to play during that transition timeline?

Thanks for the reply!
This is a boss battle who loops in the first section of the song until the boss reaches a certain amount of hp. When his hp is below this threshold the song transitions through a bridge into the next section who loops as well. I`m using the transition timeline to play a different audio from the song itself as a bridge to connect two sections of the song. That way, no matter where i am during the first section i can freely jump to the next part.

Can you show the problem with a video?

Sure here it is:

After some investigation, we’ve determined that this is a previously undiscovered bug. I’ve added it to our bug tracker, so it will be fixed in an upcoming version of the FMOD engine.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to discover any easy workaround for this issue, short of avoiding transition timelines altogether.

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Great! Thanks for the reply!