Random playlist behavior

Is there any way to set playlist to play randomly and avoid previous sound?
Would be really useful in both shuffle and play percentage modes. In fact I cannot really think of a situation where you wouldn’t want to have avoidance for at least one previous sound.

Using two Event sounds with random playlists can be used as sort of workaround, but it requires more variations and the results would be much better with just one random playlist and avoidance.

There is, as yet, no way to do exactly what you describe; We are working on it, however.

That said, the random selection used in multi sound modules (provided the module does not have play percentages set) is actually what in Designer was called “global shuffle random,” meaning that a sound selected to play will not play again until every sound in the playlist has been played the same number of times. This greatly reduces the incidence of the same sound being played twice in a row. It’s not perfect, but it might fit your project’s needs… What exactly are you trying to do that requires no repeats?