How do I do "round-robin"-style randomization or prevent the same sound from playing twice in a row?

I really like the simplicity of FMOD Studio’s randomizing to provide additional variations. I know I can specify play percentage in multi-sound (or scatter) events to give some sounds more of a likelihood of triggering than others.

More background on what I mean by “round robin”:

But how do I set it so sounds do NOT play twice in a row, even if randomized? Similar to some software samplers that can alternate through a group of samples, but not play the same one twice consecutively.

Or, less flexibly but still useful in some situations, a way for it to play sounds in a given order, then repeat that order.

Is there a subtle control I am missing?

Thank you.

Agreed, a random no repeat feature would be a great addition to Multi and Scatterer Sounds.

I’m not sure I understand your “a way for it to play sounds in a given order, then repeat that order” suggestion. How does this differ from Studio’s existing sequential playback behaviour?

"Random no repeat" is actually the default behaviour of playlists in FMOD Studio. It was used so ubiquitously in FMOD Designer that we made it standard.

That being said, if you specify a play percentage for any of the entries in a playlist, the “no repeat” mode is automatically be turned off for that playlist. This is to prevent the “no repeat” behaviour from distorting the actual play percentages away from the values you specify.


Thanks for confirming that behavior, Joseph! (Did I miss prior documentation somewhere?) I must’ve been confused at one point because I’ve been using play percentage a lot.

Also, what you said about “Studio’s existing sequential playback behaviour” fulfills my needs too.

Ahha! I didnt realize this either, great to know thx.