Randomly Pitch in Discrete Semi-tones

I would like to have an event randomly pitched, but select from a small set of discrete semitones (say, just the octaves), rather than the full continuous range of pitch change.

All of our sound design in this project is tonal, so making one-off variations for every single event is a big authoring pain, and we’d really love some way to do this in Fmod Studio, or implement this on the code side. We’re in Unity, for what it’s worth.

So maybe you can draw pitch modulation with parameter and then randomize parameter value for each instance? Never tried that but it was the first thought, looks like it could do the job.

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You could have the event you wish to pitch shift as an event instrument placed on a discrete parameter of a parent event. You can then automate the pitch of the event instrument on the parameter sheet to the semitones needed.