Chromatic Random pitch - Or snap to scale?

Is it possible to randomize pitch that snaps to musical intervals?
Like i would set the pitch random modulation to 5 semitones, but i would like to get 5 discrete musical steps. Even better if i could select a major/minor/pentatonic scale and the pitch randomization would snap to those intervals.

It’s possible to do this by automating the pitch property on a parameter such that the property can only have specific fixed values within a range, then randomizing the value of that parameter. By adjusting the automation curve, you can freely customize the values to which the pitch snaps and the probability of each value occurring.

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Would be nice to have a “Hold” (or ‘square’) mode for envelope points for these kind of purposes.

A labelled parameter or discrete parameter could be used to get that effect, though it would make it harder to fine-tune the probability of each pitch value.

Ok managed to do this by modulating the parameter with a stepepd noise LFO , but this is another instance where a Randomize Value in the Command instrument could make life easy.

You may be pleased to know that we plan to add this feature in an upcoming major version of FMOD Studio.

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