Record fmod in an video


There’s a couple of ways of doing this depending on what exactly you need:

  • FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WAVWRITER allows the FMOD System to write its mixer output to a wav file. Note that using this means that the system will not output to your regular audio output device, which may make it unsuitable for your purposes.
  • We have a Unity DSP Capture scripting example that shows how to extract the raw PCM data from a given DSP in FMOD’s signal chain, in this case the Master Channel Group. Unlike WAVWRITER, this can be used even while outputting to audio devices.

I would recommend giving my reply in the following thread a read, as it broadly details how to do both things, including how to write the output of the DSP capture to wav if needed: Capturing Unity game’s FMOD output (5.1 / Busses) - #2 by Louis_FMOD