recording, sound.@lock and custom DSPs

is it possible to retrieve final signal acquired from recording device and processed by added custom DSP ?

I’m using normal recording setup via system.createSound and system.recordStart together with sound.lock/unlock to retrieve the audio data (based on lowlevel record sample - this work by itself), but when I add custom DSPs to master channel group before/after createSound/recordStart I can seem to get only original unprocessed signal from sound.@lock call.

Is this supported ?
If not, is there a way to retrieve final signal that went through DSP processing of recording input ?

Thank you

Unfortunately this is not supported, your DSP will only be used when playing the sound. You will need to add another couple steps to get the result you want.

You could playback the sound as it is recorded, as in the examples, this will then use your custom DSP. You would then need to make another custom passthrough DSP to add to the recorded sound, after your first custom DSP, which you can use to access the signal after the recorded sound has passed through your DSP.

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Thank you for confirmation - I’ll have a look at adding into it while playing.