Relatively change volume on multiple events

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for the example, I have 2 events:

  • 1st with -10db master volume
  • 2nd with -15db master volume

and I need lower all of them to the same amount of -5db relatively

in FMOD Studio 1.08 it was possible to select them both and drag volume knob to decrease to -5 db, so after that I got -15 on the 1st event and -20 on the 2nd

Now after updating to 1.10.01 when I select multiple events and drag knob, all events became with the same volume, for example, If I drag to -15 - both 1st and 2nd event are 15 db.

Is it a bug or there is another way now to edit multiple events parameters relatively?

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Hi Sergey,

Yes, if you hold onto the Shift key on your keyboard then the bulk editing of volume faders will be relative rather than the same value:


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Yes I’m already tried to do it with Shift and Ctrl (with Alt you add randomization). But in 1.10.01 it just not works, I tried both in Event Editor and Mixer windows

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Hi Sergey,

If you’re adjusting the volume via the volume dial in the deck, then try holding Shift after clicking down onto it. Otherwise, holding shift and adjusting the volume faders should work - I have tested in 1.10.00, 1.10.01, and 1.10.02.

If you’re still having issue with this, could you please send a short video of this issue through to ?


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Wow. That was so simple. I tried holding Shift BEFORE clicking.
Thanks a lot, Richard!