Removing 3D Panner

(Omer Liran) #1

I’m trying to remove the 3D Panner but I can’t figure out how to do this. Right clicking or pressing delete doesn’t do anything. I’m on Mac and using 1.07.07 build 72710.


(Omer Liran) #2

I noticed that in the tutorial videos, when mouse is over an event macro it gets a yellow border. Mine doesn’t have any such border no matter what I try to do with my mouse…

(Omer Liran) #3

Hours and hours later I finally solved it! I had to select the Master first and then I can delete the 3D Panner =)

(Brett Paterson) #4

Hi, When you select an event it gives you a deck overview but to remove it you have to select the track that has it, to interact with the effect deck.

enter image description here

(Kris Force) #5

I’m stuck on this and selecting the Master track is not helping. Any other suggestions?

(Brett Paterson) #6

I have edited my top answer above with an animation showing how to do it. Selecting the track that the panner is on will easily let you delete it. It doesn’t have to be on the master track but it usually is.

(Kris Force) #7

Thank you… That worked.