Reset event clip length to match referenced asset?

I’m fairly new to Studio (my employer just migrated from Designer), so apologies if this is somewhat of a newbie question.

The project I am currently involved with includes a large number of small, simple dialogue events, each one containing a single one-shot sound clip.

After the events were established, I reprocessed the associated sound assets and they are now all slightly shorter than they were initially. The problem is the clip length on the timeline for all events have retained the length of the initial sound files. This means that on playback, the end of the sound file is reached before the entire event clip has played. The result is the sound loops and starts playing again from the start (not what I want).

I tried turning off looping on each event, but (in the Studio tool environment at least) the sound still loops for the duration of the clip on playback.

I could of course simply delete all the problem events and dump the associated files back into the project to generate new events, but moving forward, this would not be a particularly serviceable solution.

Is there some other way to prevent this that I’m overlooking? Is there a quick and easy way to automatically adjust clip lengths to match the length of the currently referenced audio files?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, editing the sound files in an external editor should have caused the lengths of the trigger regions in the event editor to be updated appropriately. Did you remember to select the ‘Update’ context menu item for the altered entries in the audio bin window? Is so, then the trigger regions being the wrong lengths is a bug.

Unfortunately, while we do have plans for features that would allow you to do easily adjust a time-locked sound module’s trigger region to the length of its waveform, we have yet to implement them. Replacing the sound modules in their events - or possibly recreating the events in their entirety - is your only option.

To avoid encountering this problem again in future, I suggest using non-looping multi sound modules and single sound modules on non-timeline parameters, which have the property of playing to end regardless of the length of the module.