[RESOLVED]Custom codec priority issue with fmod 5


I have a static opus codec which works fine on fmod 4. The codec is registered to FMOD with priority 2700. FMOD 5 seems ignore my codec when creating a sound with opus file. if I change the priority to 0, then both open and play works. But all other sounds won’t work any more since FMOD tries to open them with my codec.

That’s weird the codec list logic hasn’t changed between FMOD 4 and FMOD 5.

What sort of container format are you putting your encoded data in?

If your codec returns FMOD_ERR_FORMAT from the open callback FMOD will move the next codec in the list. So putting your codec at position 0 shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Thanks very much. The FMOD_ERR_FORMAT is exactly what I’m looking for. Changing the code to return FMOD_ERR_FORMAT instead of FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED should fix the issue.